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24 Apr - 09 June 2023

Learn to be able to START a career in Clinical Research … even if you have experience!

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   24 Apr 2023


You missed out!

You want a CRA job, but do not kow why your applications are unsuccessful?

Do you struggle to find information about the clinical trial industry and CRA career opportunities in this professional area?

Do you want to get a job in clinical research and do not know what to do anymore?

I clearly remember how frustrating it was for me when I was looking to get my first CRA job in 2007. I applied to all CRA job advertisements that I found, but I was not even invited to the interviews.

After a few months, I finally got my first invitation to a CRA job interview, I was so excited about it, and I was highly optimistic when the HR lady told me at the end, “we will call you soon”.

After a week, they called me: “You were very close to obtaining the job, but we chose another candidate with experience. But we will keep your CV in our database and call you once a new position is open.” They never called… Sounds familiar?

I was going through all the phases of frustration, wondering how I could get the job if they wanted only people with experience. I felt like hitting an invisible wall in the run. And what a headache...

And to be more awful than it looked, I started having doubts about myself: Am I good enough for this job? Is something wrong with me? Do I have the right skills? It was a terrible place to be…


But why was it so problematic if I failed? I was a young father who convinced his family to relocate to a new city with more career opportunities, a family head with responsibilities and failing to fulfil my duties as husband and father was not an option. My family gave me tremendous support and trusted in me, and my biggest fear was that I would disappoint them.  

What mattered was that I did not give up. I knew that I had to find a way, and I found one. One of my colleagues from university was working already as CRA. As my friend, he was kind and patient enough to teach me how to work as CRA. Even now, I do not have words to thank him. On the first interview, after that, I get the CRA job.

After more than five months of struggle, the solution to getting the CRA job was the training from a knowledgeable person who taught me what a CRA do on a day-to-day job. With all this information, I manage brilliantly in the interview.  

You do not have to search, be frustrated, and have doubts about yourself like me for half a year until you get a CRA job; I have the solution for that through my course, “Essential CRA Training”, which will teach you to understand the CRA role and clinical trials and will help you to get easier a job in clinical research!

Introducing "Essential CRA Training"

This online course has recorded videos and live sessions designed to teach you how to be a CRA. The lessons, interactive sessions, assignments, and exercises are the resources that will transform you and give you the knowledge to get a CRA job.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course duration will be 6 weeks and include video and live training, and live group coaching calls. And yes, you will receives Good Clinical Practice certification, individual feedback and Bonus free coaching calls to prepare for interviews. 

benefit 1

 You will learn in deep about the clinical research industry and how to build a successful career as Clinical Research Associate (CRA).

benefit 2

You will learn to work and be a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) and will gain the notions and the language used in clinical research.

benefit 3

You will understand the clinical trials, giving you the specific knowledge to manage the clinical research job interviews.

About Constantin Nedescu

Having more than 15 years experience in clinical research I help people with life science and medical background  be free of crisis risk and have financial and geographical independence by helping them build a career in clinical research.

You will not be alone anymore on this journey! I will be your mentor at every step of your transformation into a Clinical Research Professional.

Course Modules


Module 1: Clinical Trial Feasibility

In this module, you will learn how to do the feasibility for a clinical trial, approach the sites and the investigators for the feasibility process, and obtain the relevant information for clinical trial allocation. Here you will learn the first steps of a CRA job.


Module 2: Site Qualification Visit (SQV)

The Site Qualification Visit is one of the most important activities of a CRA! In this module, you will learn how to do the selection visit and help the clinical operation team to enrol the right sites for your clinical trial.


Module 3: Site Initiation Visit (SIV)

In module 3, you will learn to initiate a clinical trial using all the logistics and tools of the Site Initiation Visit process. You will learn to do an SIV and to document your activity through your written report.


Module 4: Site Monitoring Visit (SMV)

Site Monitoring Visits are the main activity of a CRA. In Module 4, you will learn how to prepare and conduct an SMV and write the monitoring visit report.


Module 5: Site Close-Out Visit (COV)

At the last stage of Essential CRA Training, Close-Out Visit, you will learn how to prepare the sites for the end of the study, conduct the last visit at the site and document your study close-out activity.


Now it’s time to introduce the course Bonuses!

Your training will not be complete without a certified Good Clinical Practice course and a proper introduction to clinical trials. You will receive 119$ value bonus courses: “ICH-Good Clinical Practice E6 (R2) Training” and “General Consideration for Clinical Trials”, which are available immediately after your enrolment. You can start right away to learn the base of clinical research. I strongly advise you to complete both courses before the start of “Essential CRA Training”. This will help you to learn faster and better the CRA role!

WAIT... There are more bonuses!


I have more surprises for all my students. 

Look here!

Bonus 01

You will receive access for life to the courses with all the future updates.

Bonus 02

After your course completion, you will have a free 1-to-1 coaching session for career orientation.

Bonus 03

You will be part of the Clinical Research Mentors community, where you can find support and answers to your questions from members.

What makes us different

We provide clinical research education that equips you to impact your career and improve the lives of thousands of patients.

And we are educators first. 

That means you won’t be given access to your training and will be left to figure it out on your own. You’ll be assigned a personal coach to help launch and grow your career in clinical trials.


Essential CRA training
Simple, fast, and practical move for your clinical research career

Course price 997 $

The special price until 16 April 2023 (including)

*497 $

* + VAT for EU countries

The price after16 April 2023 

*997 $

* + VAT for EU countries

Working time 24/7 all days

Lifetime Acces

Acces to All Modules

Immediate Start

30 minute private coaching call

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Bogdan Leahu

Clinical Research Associte

Novo Nordisk

"One month after finishing the courses, I managed to get a job as CRA at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Everything is more spectacular, considering that I left the field of engineering, and today I have a career in the field of pharma.

A 180 degree turn! 

Thank you Constantin, thank you to the entire CRM Academy team."

Delia Bolovan

Clinical Research Associte

ICON plc

"Due to my desire to change my professional life, I have taken the courses offered by Clinical Research Mentors.
The opportunity arose almost immediately, and less than a month after ending my training, I had the chance to work as Clinical Trial Associate in a CRO.
Not only have I received a Certificate, which proves my qualifications in this field, but I have also acquired knowledge that has proved of immense help in the process of accommodation to the new job."

Oana C. Nuta

clinical Trial Coordinator

The Christie NHS Foundation trust

"The mentoring I have received was of high quality and I strongly recommend this course. Before I have even finished the course, I received multiple offers for job interviews and, soon after, I received a job offer in the UK. The course added greatly to my knowledge of clinical trials and helped me understand and put into a real-life context information that was abstract and confusing before. Thank you Dr Constantin Nedescu for putting time and effort into mentoring me and for always being professional!"



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