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CLINICAL RESEARCH MENTORS is an e-learning platform and a community founded by an international team of clinical research professionals, dedicated to anyone who wants to build a career in medical research: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biologists, chemist and, last but not least, to those bright minds who want to start a challenging a carrier in clinical research.

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ICH - Good Clinical Practice E6 (R2) Courses

28 videos, 8 assessment and the Certification with international recognition from Transcelerate.

Price: $99
(+VAT for EU Countries)

6 Weeks

Essential CRA Training - 3rd Edition

You want a CRA job, but do not kow why your applications are unsuccessful? Join now to find out!

Price: $997
(+VAT for EU Countries)

5 Weeks

Essential Clinical Study Coordinator

CRC courses are specifically tailored to the needs of clinical research coordinators.

Will start in Q1 2024

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