Our Mentor

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Constantin Nedescu

CEO CRN-Clinical Research Network
Mentor in Clinical Research Mentors Program

Constantin Nedescu has vast life experience, having taken on many responsibilities and putting the accent on continuous education; he is a physician, a CEO, a mentor, a coach, a husband, a father, and a friend.
He has stacked up years of experience in the medical, all starting with his childhood dream: to become a doctor. Years of study landed him in a domain he had not envisioned for himself from the beginning: not a doctor, but a medical representative working with doctors and climbing up that ladder to reach the Business Unit Manager.
So now what? What was there left for him to conquer?
August 2007 meant Constantin pursuing a new path, reinventing himself and discovering a new medical domain: clinical studies, trials and research. Yes, Constantin started as a CRA 15 years ago and went through it all: senior CRA, lead site monitor, start-up specialist, regional manager leading international teams for various projects in clinical research. His responsibilities covered organizational aspects from the initial stages of research and clinical trials, to human resources activities (recruiting, mentoring, coaching), to communication on all levels of the research process and overseeing trials by ensuring that all parties involved were on the same page, all policies, regulations and rules were followed to the letter, the entire personnel shared the same vision and got 100% invested in delivering the end result – have a better, more efficient, less invasive medicine to improve the quality and length of human life.
Once you went through all the stages, what is the next step? Well, that is why we are here, building this community of professionals because the true fulfilment for Constantin is to pass on all this knowledge and experience over to you, to help you build a new and exciting carrier, support you in overcoming all the obstacles, reach your true potential.